Wetland Creation


Aquatic Resource Management is a local and family owned company. We have been serving pond management clients since 1993, longer than any other pond maintenance company in the area. We live and work in the communities we serve and get to know our customers and our customers get to know us. When you work with Aquatic Resource Management, you will work with the same individuals throughout the project. This is just one way we develop trusting and personal relationships.

In addition to understanding and helping our clients, we also respect the rich and diverse ecosystem of southeastern North Carolina. With this in mind, we offer stormwater inspections and maintenance to meet North Carolina state and local stormwater regulations, which are  designed for environmental protection. We can also control aquatic algae and vegetation using a combination of biological and chemical weed control program. We know what to do and how to incorporate this approach because we know the regulations and we are trained and practicing biologists.