Stormwater management systems, including retention ponds, are designed to control stormwater that flows over impervious surfaces, such as roofs, streets, and parking lots. By collecting excess rain water, these systems help reduce flooding, and reduce the amount of nutrients and sediments flowing into the surrounding aquatic ecosystem. To work properly and efficiently, these systems must be inspected and maintained. State and local governments hold property owners responsible for inspections, maintenance, and repairs of their stormwater system.

Aquatic Resource Management has a highly trained and experienced team of stormwater inspectors. We know the stormwater regulations and can help property owners comply with these regulations. We can ensure that all permit requirements are met so that the property owner and the environment are protected.

Our team can also perform required maintenance of stormwater systems including debris removal, clearing of outfall, mowing, aquatic vegetation control, and erosion repair to name a few.